How to order a Casket Panel

Follow these easy steps:

Caskets come in many different brands and sizes, as well as interior colors.


First, go to the products/casket panel page of my website and select a design that best
represents the memorial you would like for your loved one.


Second, you will need to choose an interior fabric color (pick one):




Casket Interior Fabric Options

Casket Interior Fabric Options


–  Champagne Velvet
–  Rosetan Velvet
–  Light Pink Velvet
–  Light Blue Velvet                                       
–  White Velvet
–  Silver Velvet
–  Arbutus (Off White) Velvet
– Camo (Non Velvet)




Third, we need the dimensions of the head casket panel. 
     (Your casket company or funeral director will be able to provide that information to you. 
     Please make sure to get this information correct, as it determines how the panel will fit 
    into the casket.)


–  When is the funeral?
–  When is the viewing?


Where does the panel need to be shipped to:


–  Funeral Home Name
–  Address
–  Phone number
–  Deceased name so that we can address the package – i.e.  For John Doe’s Funeral


Information of person placing order:


–  Name
–  Address
–  Phone number
–  Mobile number – we will use this to send you a photo or to address any questions
–  e-mail address

Panel and shipping costs

Panel costs

Single stock design panels – start at $125 each
Customization – please inquire, as this depends on the amount of additional stitches

Shipping – via UPS shipping

Various shipping options are available subject to how quickly you need panel shipped


Credit Card Information

Do not e-mail this information, but rather have this information ready for when you call.

–  Credit card number
–  Expiration date
–  Security code
–  Billing zip code

Call me at 701-224-8313 to place your order with the above information 
and I will be happy to assist you.

God bless,

Elana Nygaard

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